I feel like when I was growing up, recycling was drilled into me so much that rolling my eyes became second nature to the mere mention of it. No I do not want to turn my old milk carton into a handy dandy pen pot!

But I have matured (sort of) and so has recycling! What I have found whilst researching, is this technique of using resin and LEDs in old wood by this company called Treecycled. Not only does the resin help preserve the wood, it also fills in and creates layers where there are none, so a surface can be formed, to make say..oh I don’t know, furniture? This brilliant effect makes for a stunning and unique look. In using resin this way, you can allow for the piece to come into its own, and not be sheltered by other materials or shapes. The resin is simply an illusive compliment to the wood.

I think these designs have so much promise, and they truly are beautiful. I am definitely keen to experiment, I shall have to take a trip down to the nearest beach and collect some drift wood. Treecycled has some truly unique designs and they all appear to be one offs that makes them all the more encompassing of nature.


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