8 objects we cant live without

Ive been given a brief to pick 8 objects we cant live/survive with out and pick 2. These objects need to be makable. What ive decided to do is to just list objects of important that I consider makable.

A list of a few objects we cant live without and why

Shoes – Allow us to walk across different terrain more easily and journey far.

Coat – Keeps us warm, and allows us to be more active in a colder climate.

Tent – Shelter from the weather and the elements.

Glasses – Help us to see the world equally to each other.

Sword or Spear – Used to Fight wars, Kill prey to hunt for food. Protect loved ones and self.

Pen – Allows us to envisage our thoughts on to paper, we can create marks for others to see, that allow others to know we were here.

Chair – Allows us to rest, and contemplate. Sitting time for the mind, to be active and a time for the body to relax

Blanket – Keeps us warm and we sleep under it, makes us feel metaphorically safe.

Pillow – We spend roughly 25 years of our lifetime sleeping, chances are that its done on a pillow. We also dream when sleeping sometimes, so an object like that is pretty important.

Book – One of the oldest ways we can pass on stories to each other, to tell stories to each other, can teach lessons, and create hope and longing for something more.

Journal/Sketchbook – As an artist to be allowed to draw and write on something is like being allowed to breath. I can record every feeling and emotion. Or I can visualise a new world, new things. Any thing is possible to an artist with an imagination.

Tooth Brush – Keeps our teeth healthy, if we don’t have teeth, how can we eat? how will we live and get stronger?

Cup РA cup provides measures, and containment for food. It is a symbol of civility and our evolution to a more social level. We are no longer fighting animals in the wild. We can eat together fight together live together, die together, this is a part of that chain.

A Cape – A cape isnt really an object any one needs, but I feel it is a symbol of hope. A modern day symbol of a hero, and that kind of symbol makes us strong and makes us brave, believe, its a metaphor as an object.

Longboard – As a bonus for myself, I personally find a great connection to my longboard, I find my identity in it and I feel at peace when riding it.

Musical Instrument – Just like a book, or a pen another way to express, another way to be creative and tell a story, to be human. (my personal choice for instruments would be Guitar, Piano or Drums)



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