Todd McLellan

What is it about Todd Mcellens work that makes me exhale in such relief? I just feel so at peace when I look at it. This precise arrangement of all these tiny intricate parts placed to make this diorama as an almost celebration of intricacy in engineering and human ingenuity. It highlights that all these objects have an eco system a purpose or place like the human body or the earth. Where everything serves a purpose and works in tandem together for a higher purpose. It sounds almost biblical.

What I feel these speak of is an exploration, a search for answers and understanding. I don’t doubt that this took an extraordinary amount of patience and time to dismantle these objects. with all these parts hidden away, some will never be seen or touched again. they work silently and constantly, there jobs are to be hidden, to be unknown.

Its official, I’ve established that everything works by using little ninjas inside of them.

It appeals to my OCD this arranging and categorising of things, not to this extreme, but theres something in exposing and in seeing what should not be seen. its kind of like a rebellion, an anarchic stand, an exercise in freedom. I shall have to see if I can experiment with this a bit. 


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