Playing with an Arduino

I’d never heard of an Arduino before going to the maker faire in Rome. In effect they are for hobbyists and makers. But I found the script writing and  getting an introduction to coding was a great way to gain entry into the complex electronic world.

The pin holes at the top and bottom have number designations which correlate to the script we use on the arduiuno application i.e. pin 13, would be typed and referenced as 13 so the program knows which pin to designate to.

We connected the arduino up to the  computer via USB, using the arduino program. we could tell that the program and ardunio were synced because of a little flashing LED on the arduino.


We then connected LEDs to the breadbox (white board) along with transistors and programmed how they would light up via the ardunio program.

Within the program, we added new pin designations by writing ‘pinMode’ following by the number of the pin point.

The term ‘ switchstate’ was the name given to the switch designation when writing further down, its how we told the program how we wished to refer to the switch. the name could have been anything.



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