London 3D Print Show

So apparently 3D printers are becoming a rather big deal.

I attended the 3D print show in London and saw some interesting applications for 3D printing.



I saw some amazing applications for 3D printing in the medical field, things like custom fit casts and even “bio 3D printing”. Using 3D printers for medical purposes is something I think we will only see more of.


3D printed designs for the fashion industry, crazy outlandish shapes, that were printed and are wearable.


Certainly a different approach, its a good display of the versatility of 3D printing.IMG_0936

These feathers which were some kind of shoulder mount, were really beautifully printed.

IMG_0928The sheer scale of this Batman statue is really impressive.


IMG_0930One of the most extraordinary things I saw was that this company was printing wood.. yes I said wood! Though I’m sceptical of its integrity that is a very interesting and new way of producing complex wooden shapes.

I had a really good time here I liked seeing some of the ways 3D printing can be used in industries such as film, special effects and medicine. I think this is early days and the things we will be able to print in our own homes will only get better.


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