BAMS Research Russian Olympic Medal


What first came to mind upon being told about this project was an article I had seen a few months backon It was about the new Russians winter olympic medals. now admittedly my interest in the Russian olympics is pretty small, in other words not an iota of. But what brought my attention to this article was a particular word in the headline.


say no more, I’m yours.

Its not often you would see the word meteorite and olympics in the same sentence, so that was rather enticing. What I was to discover was that some of the medals would incorporate the meteorite into the metal of the medal. Now thats just cool! full stop.

A material that has come from space only to land in your hands is a very encapsulating thing, it makes the universe feel a little bit smaller, and us a teeny bit bigger, how wonderful it is to hold something that can draw those kind of feelings out (I do say all this having never actually held the thing, but I have many times, in my dreams)


What this medal provides for me is a basic idea of aesthetic and design principal that I want to transfer into my own design, what really stands out to me about this medal, are the clean lines, fine detailing and most of all its use of negative space. How these seemingly random assorted patchwork shapes inside provide this elegance and also playfulness. They remind me of these patterns called Zentangles my girlfriend used to draw. I also feel that being able to caress the different textures and materials in your hand makes the act of simply holding the medal feel almost like a journey or an adventure for the fingers. This little object in your hand suddenly becomes so much more than a medal, it can tell a story.



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