Magic Mirrors

Whilst researching ideas for my medal, I came across a concept known as magic mirrors. What they appeared to be were mirrors with a design on one side and a reflective mirror surface on the other side. But wait! theres more! the mirrors when light is shined upon them cast an image. This image usually contradicts the design on the other side and further more was used as a form of concealment. This concealed image was only to be known and recognised should the user choose to see it. So in other words you would have to know of it if you wish to find it. What this speaks of, is rebellion or an innate form of anarchy. this idea that you would have to conceal your personal belief out of fear of punishment or death, speaks of the changing of times and how the seeds of a western belief system such as Christianity can take root, and further grow in a country with pre established beliefs like japan or china.

What I love about this is that the archaic method of producing these mirrors is through sheer graft and technical skill. I saw this technique demonstrated in a documentary I watched, where they polished the back of the mirror with a sword and smooth stones repeatedly for months, to slowly reveal the reflective image.

what I also discovered in the documentary was this early mirror technology, paved the way for technology such as silicon wafers used for things such as solar panels etc. all pioneered in japan

I think this is fascinating and a clever concept to look further into for my medal idea. Maybe I could raster etch a design on the back of a mirror or piece of mirrored acrylic so that it would reflect when light would be shined on it.




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