Guerilla Marketing

I love guerrilla marketing, my favourite kinds are when you have a digital element or some kind of user interaction. I also like ones that use biometric data or ones that make you laugh.

Here are a few examples of my favourite ads I feel are relative to this project.

This is a video for adobe photoshop, I love how it breaks down that social barrier and awkwardness at the bus stop, and allows people to find a commonality and connect, even if its for a minuet.

This was an ad for a gym. a bit harsh for some people but clever none the less.

This is the new sony walkman, its waterproof and is for gym goers. that is all.

This is a publicity stunt for a movie that featured  girl with super human powers, needless to say its amazing!


Virtual graffiti in real space.

When I visited Venice with out a doubt my favourite pavillion was the Venezulan pavillian. It had quite a focus on graffiti, I never knew that graffiti was such a big part of the culture in Venezuela.

I walked in to be greeted by a blank wall, the lights would go down and a projection of  a man walked up to the wall.  he then started to spray graffiti across the wall and lights picked up the individual sections of the piece. It was very surreal and a great marriage in my mind of the virtual in a real space.

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Damien Hirst Butterflies and Scalpel Blades

I never liked Damien Hirst.

I guess what turned me around was seeing his butterfly kaleidoscope paintings. A great battle inside me ensued when I fist laid eyes on them.

Wow! How utterly beautiful, are those real?


Wow! How utterly barbaric and dreadful. And in this conflict I really felt myself fighting to not like the piece, but the truth was, I loved it!

Its so telling of humanity and our culture that even in something as passive and unnecessary as this kind of art, has found a way to belong, and make sense in spite of its nature. Just as when we were cave men we slaughtered animals for food and for there fur. Now to have has Damien Hirst acted in a similar manor. At least thats what I see and feel when I look at these paintings.

*This has actually prompted me to buy some butterfly wings just to experiment, I have been told they have died humanly so my conscience feels a little bit clear.

His scalpel blade paintings are also so beautiful. I struggle to decide how they make me feel, Im torn. They carry this harsh sense of sharpness and danger under this veil f soft colourful fragility that feels like its reminding us of who we are, soft squishy beings that bleed.

Where these controversial pieces also fall for me is this really rich and interesting material exploration.

Plaster Mould Workshop

I got myself inducted into the plaster room.

imageI decided to plaster mould my cow horn, I found I learned a lot of important techniques and principals. Such as when building the clay up in the beginning, you really must not build it further than the centre of a curved surface other wise the mould will break when pouring plaster over it.

Creating a pouring hole was also important, And especially considering the shape of my horn I needed to make sure the shape of the spout didn’t flow similarly to the horn.

My horn ended up being a 3 part mould due to a small over hang at the top and just its general awkward shape. I did forget to put registration guides to help the moulds sync up on the final piece. whoops!


I was amazed at how fast plaster dries and how quickly it mixes, really odd stuff.

Never the less, my mould went pretty well.


After doing some slip casting I have some pretty good results.

Next I think I will look at glazing them.


Possibilities with Veneer and Wood

A little bit of research for inspiration and ideas.

Maple XO like to recycle skateboards and create jewellery bottle openers to screwdrivers, and I just like the manipulation of the skateboard veneers. I just wanted to look at some ideas of whats possible with veneer.

I like the coaster idea, very simple shape for the CNC machine especially as I’m a beginner.

Maybe not a screwdriver handle but a handle of some kind could be interesting.

I know I’ve posted this previously but I love this, Maybe I could look into laminating the veneer into a shape.

This isn’t veneer but I love it, Its a good example of marquetry using hardwood end grain.

Skateboards and long boards are traditionally made with coloured maple veneer.

A wooden LED clock, The veneer is thin enough to shine an LED light through.

I think making a ring would be a neat experiment. <– This one shows dying wood to. <—Laminates wood

Ok ive hit the mother load! this is something to try!! Wood turning with combinations of wood species glued together.

Im looking at this and i’m wondering if I could maybe use a really soft malleable metal with this in mind?

Magnets! using magnets with veneer seems like a no brainer!

RPR Float Table from RockPaperRobot on Vimeo.

I remember seeing this table a few months ago, its a combination of magnets and steel wires to give this squishy effect its incredible!!