Final Thoughts on my Medal

I would never say that this was a stress free process I certainly encountered my fair share of problems and frankly there was more than once I nearly changed the design all together.

Im really finding that the way I work best is in a sketchbook, getting my ideas on paper and visualising them, thats where I felt most comfortable.

My medal evolved a lot of the course of making it and i’m glad I wasn’t to stubborn to know when I needed to yield but also Im glad I trusted myself not to give up on what I wanted. I did have a conversation more than once about abandoning my idea and after achieving my outcome, I am especially over joyed!

From firstly conceptualising it on illustrator to having it laser cut on matt board. It really helped to hold it in the physical world. The Computer can only take you so far. And when I had eventually 3D printed it, boy did that help me see what needed to be changed, its size for a start!

It was good to go to big, I would have felt it, if my medal was at the point of no return and it was to small, so its good to know where I could push it.

Watching my design change over the course of the making process allowed me to get to know my designs better as well as the subject matter for my medal and also myself.

I got to understand what I am good at, and also being able to take an idea to completion is a great feeling!


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