Materiality Concepts Ideas etc

The problem with this module is its broad approach to material understanding is to exciting for me and thus I want to explore every material under the sun. Now sadly I wont be able to that, so I thought I would find some concepts to help me explore just a few materials.

The materials I think I’m going to look into exploring are: firstly Horns, mainly because I feel it can lend itself nicely into my readymade brief, and also because after viewing the work of Shane Wilson, the sculptural possibilities have really opened my eyes to what can be done with horns antlers and bone. Its a subtractive process where you cant really add to the bone, only reshape it. So I think I will look into possibilities of staining the horns and polishing techniques, maybe see what I can do with the dust of the horns from dremelling as well.


Treecycled caught my eye a year ago, now that I have the facilities to explore this a little better I want to look at preserving maybe the natural degradation in woods such as drift wood etc through resin, and maybe incorporating LEDs or going further and possibly utilising an arduino somehow.

Combining Wood Species

This is something I may relate to my raw. I want to see how well I can arrange different wood species and grains to form either  pattern or a visual element. lead this into maybe using the CNC machine and creating something, like and iPhone case or an original concept. I also want to look at veneers and see how I can combine those together in a similar fashion to the skateboard phone case I saw a few months ago. Look at maybe manipulating the veneers creating unusual shapes with steam etc. 


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