Damien Hirst Butterflies and Scalpel Blades

I never liked Damien Hirst.

I guess what turned me around was seeing his butterfly kaleidoscope paintings. A great battle inside me ensued when I fist laid eyes on them.

Wow! How utterly beautiful, are those real?


Wow! How utterly barbaric and dreadful. And in this conflict I really felt myself fighting to not like the piece, but the truth was, I loved it!

Its so telling of humanity and our culture that even in something as passive and unnecessary as this kind of art, has found a way to belong, and make sense in spite of its nature. Just as when we were cave men we slaughtered animals for food and for there fur. Now to have has Damien Hirst acted in a similar manor. At least thats what I see and feel when I look at these paintings.

*This has actually prompted me to buy some butterfly wings just to experiment, I have been told they have died humanly so my conscience feels a little bit clear.

His scalpel blade paintings are also so beautiful. I struggle to decide how they make me feel, Im torn. They carry this harsh sense of sharpness and danger under this veil f soft colourful fragility that feels like its reminding us of who we are, soft squishy beings that bleed.

Where these controversial pieces also fall for me is this really rich and interesting material exploration.


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