Plaster Mould Workshop

I got myself inducted into the plaster room.

imageI decided to plaster mould my cow horn, I found I learned a lot of important techniques and principals. Such as when building the clay up in the beginning, you really must not build it further than the centre of a curved surface other wise the mould will break when pouring plaster over it.

Creating a pouring hole was also important, And especially considering the shape of my horn I needed to make sure the shape of the spout didn’t flow similarly to the horn.

My horn ended up being a 3 part mould due to a small over hang at the top and just its general awkward shape. I did forget to put registration guides to help the moulds sync up on the final piece. whoops!


I was amazed at how fast plaster dries and how quickly it mixes, really odd stuff.

Never the less, my mould went pretty well.


After doing some slip casting I have some pretty good results.

Next I think I will look at glazing them.



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