Possibilities with Veneer and Wood

A little bit of research for inspiration and ideas.

Maple XO like to recycle skateboards and create jewellery bottle openers to screwdrivers, and I just like the manipulation of the skateboard veneers. I just wanted to look at some ideas of whats possible with veneer.

I like the coaster idea, very simple shape for the CNC machine especially as I’m a beginner.

Maybe not a screwdriver handle but a handle of some kind could be interesting.

I know I’ve posted this previously but I love this, Maybe I could look into laminating the veneer into a shape.




This isn’t veneer but I love it, Its a good example of marquetry using hardwood end grain.


Skateboards and long boards are traditionally made with coloured maple veneer.


A wooden LED clock, The veneer is thin enough to shine an LED light through.

I think making a ring would be a neat experiment.


http://www.instructables.com/id/Wood-Ring/ <– This one shows dying wood to.


http://www.instructables.com/id/Bent-wood-ipod-stand/ <—Laminates wood

Ok ive hit the mother load! this is something to try!! Wood turning with combinations of wood species glued together.

Im looking at this and i’m wondering if I could maybe use a really soft malleable metal with this in mind?


Magnets! using magnets with veneer seems like a no brainer!


RPR Float Table from RockPaperRobot on Vimeo.

I remember seeing this table a few months ago, its a combination of magnets and steel wires to give this squishy effect its incredible!!



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