Gorillaz a Virtual Band

A great interpretation of connecting real and virtual entities is the Gorillaz band. They are a virtual presence and front for the singer and musicians.

What I like is not just the general aesthetic, But the use of realistic textures and follicles, and how that is coupled with these very characteristic versions of people. It provides a very appealing look.





Photoshop Time Portal Photos

I found these photos from a┬áRussian photographer called Sergey Larenkov. He photoshops the old with the new, more specifically he looked at world war 2 photos and matched up the locations with todays photos to see how the place has changed. I think I could maybe do something similar in Cardiff with this Facebook page which has been collecting old photos of Cardiff. You could hold up you phone and get a half image of old Cardiff and super impose it over the current day Cardiff on your phone… easier said than done I’m sure.

More recent photos of a similiar style, ones taken in Ukraine.