Starting to Play with Veneers

I have purchased various veneers, lots of different species and colours. i do admit I wasnt that pleased to have gotten so many burrs’ but i will make do.

2014-04-15 22.28.45

After discussing what i wanted to do with these veneers i realised that i just simply didnt have enough. Not only that, they wernt thick enough. They were not industrial but more the commerical varity, and the problem with that was that they were thin. so i had to cut them into strips. secondly i sliced a piece of timber on its side to produce some long flat pieces that i could use to thicken out the veneers. I was concerned they may detract from the overall aesthetic of the results.

When i started i felt myself getting very particular over how i wanted the veneers to be placed, what order, what position. and it held me up for a day or two, trying to figure out this arrangment. in the end I decided to follow a principal of colours that compliment each other on the colour wheel, and then use colours that feel like they can be used less but give more. like sticking red line in between a bunch of darker walnut veneers.

2014-04-11 21.58.19 HDR

2014-04-11 21.57.47



The problem with making these thin strips was when i clamped them, they would occasionally topple. resolving that was just a case of persistance and placing a support block either side to keep the blocks position (this worked most of the time).

I had alot left over so i started to see how i could manipulate the shapes abit more, I read if you boiled or steamed wood, the natural sap which acts as a type of glue, is weakened, and will allow you to bend and shape the wood. so i found a paintbrush and started to boil the strips and wrap them around. I needed to keep the pressure tight so i used multiple elastic bands to keep a good high level of compression.

2014-04-13 21.42.05 HDR

I loved how the bamboo took on this beautiful patter-nation across the end grain.

I loved how the bamboo took on this beautiful patter-nation across the end grain.

Boiling did however fade the colours a bit on some.

After sufficient drying its very solid, I feel i could make it as big as i wanted and then maybe cut into it any shape.







Different Types of Drinking Vessels

Ive been looking at a variety of drinking vessels, from over history, till now, and just trying to get a sense of why something with just one basic function, has so many personas, so many forms and shapes.

As a former bartender I learned the importance of what glass goes with what drink, for a number of reasons, be it, taste, style or overall presentation, we had a glass for everything.

Im looking for just inspiration and maybe abit of abnormalities that can help me design my own drinking vessel.

The holy grail – Apparently this is the actual goblet drunk upon by Jesus Christ.

Drinking Horns – Probably one of the earliest forms of drinking vessels, only a little younger than maybe using our own cupped hands. Why this design is completely non existent these days is a mystery to me. No homages in any modern glass what so ever.

The worlds first glass made specifically for drinking stout, ales. Apparently these glasses actually improve the taste of the ales.

A glass designed to improve the taste of coke.




Decontstrcucting Models, Digital Destruction/Alteration

Some of my glitch art experiments in Zbrush, original models were, a 3D scanned head, a model of a rams horn, a 3D scanned model of crumpled paper and a Fire extinguisher.

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I found some software by a digital designer Mathew Plummer Fernandez. He calls it Disarming Corrupter and it essentially breaks 3D models.

Here are some of my attempts to break my models with the Disarming Corrupter, hopefully I have a decent print in here somewhere.

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Magnet Sculptural Tables

There are no words…

Just a fantastic display of material ingenuity. Its like a physical manifestation of what a magnetic force looks like. They look so untouched. And I suppose they are, The artist used magnets to pull the magnetic material from its flat base. His hands never even touched the table in the making process. such a powerful representation of a natural force. I wonder what else is possible under this kind of method. Im also wondering if its possible to physically display other “unseen forces” Ive seen things with sound, but im wonder where next.

The stools grow, in effect.