3D Scanning a Person

Next up was to try a person. I 3D scanned my flat mate and I produced a pretty solid model, as definitely lacking some key details, like a second eye. But it was a recognisable head and upper torso with good features that I could use. I love that I can just go in and redefine the ear, or adjust the chin, to how I see fit, that is such a usefull thing. To dive into a model change, alter and manipulate something that I’ve had contact with in real life on my computer, so surreal.


I cut away his head, and touched up his ear. By this stage I was fairly confident I could 3D print it as is. But I felt like I could do more.

I have been thinking about how people on the internet seem to reinvent themselves, or try to show the best bits of themselves which is in essence a false representation of who they are. Ironic how the internet can be quite ugly sometimes.

In thinking of this I drew up some concepts looking at how the computer renders the human face. I thought I would try and lower the poly count of the model, and deformate it a little.

I felt inspired by previous work, and artists like Aaron Gregory

I ended up with a very geometric jagged piece, that made a really solid print and was still recognisably my flat mate.


This proved to me that I can produce these low poly models and print them well to great end.

I tried a second one, looking a bit closer at this online persona concept, halved the face and lowered the resolute poly count of one half. when printing this, the seems were a bit ugly and not that great. but it did cohesively print and was a nice test.












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