3D Scanning Crumpled Paper

So with my first 3D scan a success, I decided I wanted to try and produce shapes that would be difficult otherwise impossible with out 3D scanning them. So I decided to Crumple some paper.


This kind of shape is so random and dynamic, as malleable as paper is the shapes that can be created when crumpled are pretty unique, especially on a large scale.

To be honest I wasn’t sure if this would work.

But It did! Very well in fact.Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 23.01.13

I was able to fly through the space that the paper inhabited in my kitchen, pretty seamlessly. I mean as seamlessly as you would expect producing this scan on my mobile phone.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 15.22.45

After cutting away the paper, from the two stacked coffee pots I had placed it on. I closed up any holes, and then exported it back out of Zbrush. And into 123D Make. From here, I found that a cohesive model could be structured. I didn’t see much value in 3D printing something like this, as it wouldn’t really have worked, to many overhangs, to much of a jumble and the walls of the piece were pretty thin.


I looked towards the laser cutter and I was reminded of a stereo speaker I saw once that utilised stacked pieces of clear acrylic, forming a box, whilst on the inside of all these stacked pieces, the appearance of a sound wave formed.

I thought this would make an interesting light or just decorative piece.

After playing with 123D Make for a while. I produced a fairly complex amount of acrylic pieces to be lasered.

Once I lasered all the pieces out, Stuck them together with clear loctite. The real issue was the dirt and grease produced on the laser bed, that I couldn’t clean off. The result was a pretty murky looking piece. Which although doesn’t take away from the shape. It does kill some of the lustre of the piece.


I know where I want to go next with this, I want to try and put a negative shape inside a positive shape. Maybe alter the colours of the acrylic, definitely give some thought about creating a light of set of speakers.


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