3D Scanning First Attempt

I had no faith in this software. I mean aside from it being free, available on the app store, and least of all on my phone. I felt that the quality would hardly be worth my time.

Happy to eat those words. yum!

Welcome to 2014!

I decided to try and scan just an object in my room. So I tried to scan a little figurine of skateboarding skeleton i bought when i was 10. I knew that if the model was to be remotely successful I would need a thin point to cut it away from, so I balanced it on top of a bleach bottle.


First attempt, worked like a charm!. Don’t get me wrong, the detailing was a bit lacking. But the overall form and shape of the model was pretty much on point. And thats the main thing.

I took the model into Zbrush, cut it away from the bottle, and started to re-add some of the detail back. I even managed to fix the wobbly leg that was on the original.

img zbrush

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 22.12.03

I wanted to understand exactly how good this scan was, so I took it to the 3D printer and printedĀ it to a smaller size. It was a great success! time to attempt something more difficult.



This is a great way to connect the real and the virtual, I want to look into manipulation of the models further on my computer.








pics from zbrush and screen caps from phone
and pics of model as well as a side by side with original


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