Augmented Reality

My experinece with augmented reality, started through gaming. Things like the eye toy, Nintendo Wii and Playstation Move. The application of AR in gaming is a good way to synchronise a users experience with whats happening on screen. And user interaction is also at the forefront of gaming, this makes for a perfect marriage.

I think AR is still in its infancy and its true purpose is still to be seen. I imagine it will do great in advertising. I could imagine billboards picking people out in crowds and putting them in a new suit or giving them a new coat, making ordinary citizens advertise things to themselves.

In researching this I have seen some great applications for AR.

This is a way to try on watches in a shop, and it works really well, I do feel like you wouldn’t be losing to much if you actually got to try on the real watch. But If your at home on the internet now thats a different story, same goes for glasses, hats anything.

Again advertising is really going to work for this, I hope we can say goodbye to airbrushed glossy models one day.

Wonderbook, is the latest from sony for the Playstation 3 and its getting refined. What seems to really work is having a physical proxy you can hold and the camera and screen can reference and connect to. I am wondering if it or the playstation move can be hacked.

Playing Around With AR on my Phone

I think the best thing about using this app is the fact that I can define what the scannable marker is. That is just brilliant. I remember back in the early days of the app store you had to go to a website and print something out.


2014-04-01 23.09.29


2014-04-01 23.10.58



Google Glass

I am really undecided on this product. It just doesn’t look like it will become mainstream. And I’m sorry if anyone says they don’t want that to happen, they are lying. I often think that the way to gauge if a product is a good idea, I would ask myself “would apple release this today?” aside from the voice controlled iPod shuffle a few years back. Apple have a pretty good track record post iPod and I think the iPad was a whole new device that we never knew we needed ditto the iPhone. So far all I can think is that glass is for people who probably thought bluetooth headsets were cool. But I suppose the conversation for tech like this needs to start somewhere.



THIS is what Glass needs to be/do. And the general design needs to just be invisible. Its the same with new wearable tech like watches, if it doesn’t look like a watch that James Bond would wear, its just doesn’t feel right.







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