Glitch Art

Glitch art is so conflicting for me. Because I feel nothing but frustration when I view it. Glitch art symbolises, strain and breakage and what is essentially a mistake or computer error. I am habitually trained to delete, format, reset or turn off. When I witness it.

Maybe its my computer going through its teen years, its giving me the virtual middle finger and telling me its going to follow its own rules from now on. I like looking at this art and seeing a bit of a personality in the computer that ahem “created” them.

I suppose you would call them happy accidents.

Video games, computers, mobile phones, Televisions. The digitisation of images have been made possible over the years through appliances and media such as these.  And they look so random and dynamic, they cannot be ignored. Not to mention they could not be created at any other time.Its almost a wondrous thing the technology breaks and these “glitches” show a vulnerability a sadness that are a reflection of ourselves and there creators.

In using software to create 3D models It can sometimes feel like the model is on life support when you are trying to do something complex. It needs to be cohesive and consistent, further more in the context of 3D printing, it needs to fill certain criteria.

I found a great designer by the name of Mathew Plummer Fernandez. He actually wrote his own software specifically to break a model until its unrecognisable. The software can actually be used to hide a models true appearance and it can be restored with a signature key it provides. I like the creative potential in this app. Im hoping to experiment with this a bit.

I love this image of the new york skyline that is so mesmerising and recognisable, yet so foreign in its presentation.

It almost feels like you are entering the matrix when you look at glitch art.


I think where I will take this is try to “break” some of my own models and see what i can come up with.

The wardbrobe on the right is called Good Vibrations. It is only a 3D render But I think this traditional image of what we associate as classic furniture design. combined with what we associate as a digitally broken image. really provides a unique look. it certainly gets your attention.

I think glitch art is an act of rebellion and almost like punk rock in art. Its has this Banksy nature towards things that would generally seem dull and uninteresting, and I like that.






I like this music video from Linkin Park, It portrays a of cyber punk esque glitch world, almost a broken dank society.

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