Synesthesia AR, and Animation

Ever since I saw this scene in Ratatouille, I have wondered why the idea of visualising a taste or the sensation of flavour isn’t more attempted. It is so hard to put pencil to paper and actually draw out a flavour. But I feel like if I wanted to portray something sour, it would be tight and jagged, it would fluctuate and be sporadic in appearance. I wouldn’t be able to draw it. But I could recognise it when I see it.

My idea in creating a project out of this is to utilise Augmented reality to be able to scan food labels, so these swirls and patterns fly out of the food, generating an almost synesthesia type effect.

Heres some further concept art from the artist Michel Gagné who produced the animation in Ratatouille. He produced them after Pixar had created the music and sound, he then animated to the music.

Michels site – 

I have been looking into the best way of doing this, and Animating on a green screen or painting on paper and working with photoshop I may be able to produce something. I need more time in the animation studio.

Heres my first ever brief attempt at animating. The issue I am having with this at the moment is not being able to get rid of a previous movement in a line. Programme used – Frame Thief

In talking aout how I wanted to produce these animations like the ones in Ratatouille we found what may have been pixars inspiration for thier animations. Called Boogie Doodle by Norman Mclaren. Done in the 1940’s these wear done by painting onto film cells. Animated to African American Jazz.

Norman Mclaren took inspiration from Len Lye who used a variety of media, paint etc to produce this animation.

I think looking at these half a century old techniques will help me find a great way to produce what I am hoping to create.

Unrelated, but a cool style and use of drawing pins.




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