The Art of Sound

I think just because something cant be seen, doesn’t make it any less real. Visualising the unseen just adds an extra layer to what is already there.

Good Vibrations, a furniture series by Ferruccio Laviani that is designed to look like a badly tuned video or TV signal.

This is a Chair by Mathew Plummer Fernandez titled Sound/Chair. He created a sound that has been customised to create the shape of a chair. The creation of the sound waves aesthetic is married by the existence of the chair, this dual symbolism, creates this symbiotic meaning between the two.

You can see the impression of the chair in the waveform.

This iPhone case, utilises the unique aesthetic of sounds that may be important to its users.

Sound Wave Bracelet

I like the simplicity of this bracelet, I can make these, u=it would not be hard. I mean they are pieces of acrylic circles. There is something beautiful about have that unique sound that only you or your baby or your voice could produce. It will truly be yours and that feels good

3D printed chairs made from noise, in real-time

Using 3D printing with some computer alteration, Brazilian designers from Estudio Guto Requena have recreated the 3D chair models using audio recorded on the streets of São Paulo. In 2012, Estudio Guto Requena created the ‘nóize chairs‘, which combine three iconic Brazilian chair designs with the sounds of the Grajau, Tiradentes and Santa Ifigenia areas of the city and make a new distorted version of the original design.


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