Different Types of Drinking Vessels

Ive been looking at a variety of drinking vessels, from over history, till now, and just trying to get a sense of why something with just one basic function, has so many personas, so many forms and shapes.

As a former bartender I learned the importance of what glass goes with what drink, for a number of reasons, be it, taste, style or overall presentation, we had a glass for everything.

Im looking for just inspiration and maybe abit of abnormalities that can help me design my own drinking vessel.

The holy grail – Apparently this is the actual goblet drunk upon by Jesus Christ.


Drinking Horns – Probably one of the earliest forms of drinking vessels, only a little younger than maybe using our own cupped hands. Why this design is completely non existent these days is a mystery to me. No homages in any modern glass what so ever.

The worlds first glass made specifically for drinking stout, ales. Apparently these glasses actually improve the taste of the ales.



A glass designed to improve the taste of coke.






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