Making a holder for my horns

I decided to make a holster for my horns, this was going to make up the ready made part of my project, I looked at the best way to make this, and felt 3d printing would work well for this.

In coming up with the best measurements for the holder I used the top of a milk bottle to gauge a relatively good size.


2014-06-01 18.57.48


I used this to help me figure out the dimensions in rhino.


What I ended up with worked pretty well.

I made an error in making the base of the stem of the holder thinner, this caused a breakage at one point and i had to reprint it.

2014-06-03 20.16.13

2014-06-03 20.16.23


I put 4 shell layers in the print so the screws could bite to the material better, this really helped, next time i think i will put more shell layers, for strength.


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