Medal artist statement

My Artist Statement for my medal:


The inspiration for my medal was a culmination of personal experience and a celebration of understanding. Understanding of self and understanding of where I am. The medal is a piece that draws from the heroes journey by Joseph campbell. The journey referred to by campbell as the “monomyth”. One myth that spans the entirety of all narrative. It is a theory that suggests all heroes of any narrative are the same but just have different faces, hence the title of his book The Hero With a thousand faces. For me the medal is to be considered a lens for viewing ones self through. The colourless windows on my medal not only form stairs to represent the climb and struggle of one on the journey but also various stages of the journey, to help one identify where they currently are on there own journey.

This medal signifies for me a huge learning process engaging in processes from 3D digital modelling, to 3D printing, laser cutting, wax casting, silicon moulding and bronze casting. these process largely for me were my first endeavours and certainly wont be my last. To combine methods thousands of years old with new and emerging digital technologies, this really speaks of my generation and the times we are all growing up in.


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