Where to start

Time to begin again, this time i’m hoping to understand my thought process a little better. and what i mean by that is i’m going to find as much visual material that can really help me know what i’m after and what I want to achieve.

Where to start, where to start.

I wanted to start, by looking at designs and objects i felt embody what i consider good design. and generally aesthetically pleasing to me. Designs I wish i could have partaken in designing (a polite way of saying i wish i thought of that)

These designs vary from products, to public sculpture. from furniture to art. Once i had a fairly large amount of pictures. I started to understand why i had chosen these pictures. what do they embody for me? which values do they highlight in my mind? and what do they all ultimately have in common besides the fact I’ve chosen them.

Looking at these pieces the common strand for me is firstly, Energy. These pieces are full of movement and flow horizontally, or diagonally. this to me means that they never settle and marry there surroundings. these are pieces to be surrounded. (though that may depend on the piece)

The Values, at this early stage I cant pick apart every value in every one piece. But what I can highlight Is all the objects are displaying there purpose very literally and understand there functions and are very conscious of there material considerations.

And lastly. What is it? what do they have in common. and after giving it thought. the answer… Negative space. each of them embody i negative area where the background takes hold. the environment they live in is very much part of the piece. and when i think back to my medal project that is a great thing to have in common.


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