3d printing a vase and slipcasting it

after practicing in maya i created a vase that i could print and slip cast. importantly i needed to make the vase solid. as in filled whole.. no walls. because the walls will be there when i slipcast and i can control there thickness with time. and also when playing with the wireframe modifiers. the wireframe would make 2 overlapping walls if it wasn’t solid.

2014-11-15 11.47.25


after 3d printing i slipcast it and it reproduced beautifully.

now heres the issue.. shrinkage. this clay hasnt been fired yet and will shrink. so now theres the problem. how am i going to make the other half with when one isn’t true its original dimensions.

so i waited till one was leather hard and cut it down the middle to understand its thickness.

new problem. the hollow shell inside isn’t true to the shape on the outside. so i cant match the digital shape accurately.

2014-11-14 16.07.19 2014-11-14 15.28.45


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