Making Digital Vases

I wanted to explore and play around with vases further, they were fairly basic vessels with a classical nature that i could eventually dive deeper into at a later point.

It did cross my mind, to throw some vases and 3d scan them. that would be nice. it would be preferable and a testament to the skill and art of vase making. sadly im a terrible thrower. it is not something i feel is impossible, but it is hard. and not easy on my schedule.

so what else?

I shall 3d model it.

best programme i found to use after a bit of googling, was Maya.

and yes, yes it was indeed good. almost to easy.

I created a column by extruding the top face of  a cylinder. then i stretched each vertex to shape a vase.

worked very nicely.

shape and theme wasn’t terribly important at this stage. i just needed a shape to work with.



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