Mike Eden

Mike Edens work is what i would aspire to. I found that on an aesthetic level his work really plays. I find there is a great homage being paid to the fields of tradition and now the modern digital technologies of today. I wouldnt say that he marries them perfectly. some seems show. mainly in the regard that some of pieces are all powder printed material which defeats his ceramic background to a degree it takes away the ephemeral nature of hand made work, no that i would see that as a bad thing it is just a box that the powder prints cant tick. still very beautiful work.

I want to explore his techniques. understand how certain images and patterns have been pressed through the models. I need to look into the modeller he uses. I want to understand his approach better. It may help me relax into my work alittle more.

This particular one is interesting, it was made using a fractal programme which essentially grows the work from a base algorithmic code.


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