Seeing the unseen

I came a cross two artists that have visualised what wifi and data signals would look like in real life surroundings. Im thinking about using these signals as a positive solid and “carving” out the negative spaces of people or shapes of consciousness.

Photographs by Luis Hernan

Art by Nickolay Lamm

these shapes, though only visualisations, could be a nice spring board to what shapes i could visualise.



After watching this i feel very happy to have chosen to look at negative space.

SO powerful! This is a documentary on Ryan Larkin who was a very prolific animator who has created animation that belongs in museums. Now a drug addict and alcoholic. all because people were stealing his work. What absolutely strikes me, is the art style. Chris landreth the director calls this style “psycho realism”. the faces the faces OH MY GOD! the faces are half there as representing a broken man, painfull memories.

Its so powerful to see him grasp his old love hand and watch his face slowly return.

The use of negative space for me in this is very powerful

Creating Pattern Planes

When i was experimenting with the wax, I realised i could create further patterns, 3D print them and then wax cast them in the same way. and then wrap those waxes around things. so i thought i would have a quick play with hand drawn alphas in zbrush.

these were made using symmetry enabled on X and Y planes. and then extracted to new sub tools.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 02.40.49


looking at the face

So when i was playing with the wax casts i had, I started to look at connections to what i felt the design was.

so I looked into a few different representations of the face across digital and other media.

looking at Ryan Larkin documentary, heads and faces represented here are so strongly broken to speak of the persons personality characteristics etc.

Espen Kluges face, again looks broken strung together, clinging to itself.. hmm im sensing a theme here.

This is a 3d print I want to remove the under layer to highlight the negative space.

these are a few examples ive found, i shall keep looking. interesting how the ones  that interest me that all of these faces are pretty deformed or broken.

Extracting Famous Art onto Faces

I was having aplay with the alpha extract function in zbrush, and i thought i would try and photoshop a piece of art and see what i could do.Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 00.26.23

so i photoshopped Van Goghs starry night. and extracted it to one of my old 3d scans.


here are the results. Im trying to do more. will update as i go.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 18.48.50

definitely not printable..yet

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 18.49.10

Experimenting with wax

I had many wax casts left over. so i thought i would play.

I strted to cut the wax up. reshape and reform it into dfferent things.

I used a plastre mould of a face and cut the wax of the vase and flettened it with my hand. than i pressed it to shape.

and i have produced some very intersting (to me) face masks. Not sure what that could mean yet but i hope to keep playing. This has also given me an idea, maybe i could produce some extruded 3d patterns. wax cast them and press them around shapes and objects.


Im looking to the future, what could these be like in bronze or aluminium?

and what could they represent?