Voronoi in Wax

I have successfully managed to print a voronoi model now comes the tricky manual part of creating the wax for the lost wax process.


2014-11-26 17.48.00


Creating the silicon mould for my vase was not easy. I realised at an early stage i would have to cut the print in half.

I then carefully built clay around the base. understanding the connections on all the points was abit hard. but i got it in the end.

Once i had the successful mould i okayed with different ways of pouring the wax in. the most effective way i found was to fill one part of the mould with wax. then wax the other part of the mould ontop.




the wax pieces did need alot of cleaning up after casting.

2014-12-09 18.48.06

I had to weld new arms across sections of the rim.

2014-12-09 20.06.32


A part of me wants to sit there and really polish it. but Im weighing how much i should do when it is bronze cast and how much i should do now.





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