Tutorial with Jon

In the previous week I had my initial tutorial with Ingrid, And now im following up with Jon, going over the ideas discussed with Ingrid.

In discussing these ideas of the face masks and identity. Jon and I were talking about the best way to display them. If they were cuts faces on the wall they would look to much like masks and not much like heads. We discussed what they represent and What i needed to do to move myself forward. So we agreed We should reconvene and in the meantime i shall print some basic models and masks to outline my concept and so we can play with how the masks fit onto the heads.


Tutorial With Ingrid

My first tutorial since the christmas break, Ingrid and I discussed my assessment at the end of the christmas term. We discussed that my ideas were good and solid, but as usual I have not fully realised my concepts before deciding to change them. we looked at my marks and i said that all of my ticks were at least a category below what i would expect of myself. Of which Ingrid agreed. Ingrid said she has no problem with me moving my idea from vases to faces and identity. But I need to focus on choosing an idea and realising it to the end.

We discussed on how i’m transitioning into a new type of learner..

And the concepts I explored and experiments i did over christmas.

The one that seemed to dominate conversation was the idea of these face masks, and identity. Utilising these as portraits of digital identity, could be interesting. and we discussed the different pieces i could make in my exhibition. such as a head with a void lustred in platinum on the face. and perhaps using my Kinect.

First Prototype of head and masks

IMG_3086After my tutorials with Ingrid and Jon we discussed the prospect of making these heads, Ingrid was more interested in me doing full heads, and not half as it looks to mask like.

Jon seemed to think that the mask shape looked better, and I agreed. To settle what would have worked, I decided to 3D print some prototypes as that is what 3D printing works best for..prototyping

The first was a piece of Ambers head cut down to under her hair line, I extruded the face back and filled and smoothed it over. the print came out very clean and nice, though it was clear to see the clearance on the edges were to thin. and in clay that would work, as well as a general frame of the face wouldn’t work.

I printed some decimated masks, of Ambers face to check how they fit.


These decimations turned out nicely and related well to one another.



The edges of the faces plates needed to be cleaned with an abrasive and they didn’t fit properly as the centre of the face base didn’t fall deep enough.

So I printed another (which stopped half way) and tested a deeper tolerance.


Its clear to see how the framing has improved, and the face plate fits abit more snug. though minus the lack of finish on the bigger print, the general look of the new base piece isn’t very appealing.



Thinking about faces and portraiture

I want to discuss portraiture. and the face as a key signifier to ones self. I feel that you go deeper and say they eyes are the window to a persons soul, but for the sake of argument the eyes and face live in the same house.

I think in portraiture whats maybe more important than capturing a realistic expression is to capture the mind and to capture intention, capture the unseen. Every tick and swell on the face comes from our inner most thoughts and conveying that is important to portraiture. The mind and face aren’t friends in this.

The face shall betray the mind everytime.

this makes me think of masks, and identity and who we always try to be. traversing the internet can be like a giant masquerade party, you are never yourself but always alleging this abstraction of intention.

I read a phrase not to long ago, which has stuck to me for some reason.

“the body is an extrusion of the mind”

And i think that is quite telling of what the internet persona debacle is all about. all of these personas we inhabit are an extrusion of our intention and our requirement for acceptance.

thinking about all of this, i feel that looking at faces, is strong choice for this category because, it is so crucial to the foundation of presenting who we are. i shall explore this further.

Projection Mapping

Ive been thinking about the premise of my work and what it is about it that interests me. I very much am enjoying the idea of contrasting different materials, and the idea of adjoining the real and the virtual may be an interesting form of play.

I have a Kinect and i can get a projector, so i thought i would have a play and see if i can do some projection mapping.

I had a general browse and found some software called ZVector, I downloaded the free trial and had a play.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 13.41.47

I played around with the settings and I found that my laptop would struggle and chug with certain settings. This particular triangular setting worked rather nicely.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 13.44.43Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 13.43.12

This kinect did well in determining depth and perception. and light seemed to be balanced within the room i was in. Though the issue is isolating the figure, which the kinect CAN do.

I shall have to sit down and give this another play, soon, this may be a nice way to highlight my exhibition space.

Update: Trying new techniques with Alphas

extract masksI have been trying new ways to dismantle UV maps of models and then photoshopping them and re adding them to the model to extract.

here are my results:

Firstly Here are the alphas i used. I found it very useful to have photoshop open and switch out the layers on the fly and re-save super quick. this made the process so much quicker.

klimpt extract

added a wood texture because why not.

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