Thinking about faces and portraiture

I want to discuss portraiture. and the face as a key signifier to ones self. I feel that you go deeper and say they eyes are the window to a persons soul, but for the sake of argument the eyes and face live in the same house.

I think in portraiture whats maybe more important than capturing a realistic expression is to capture the mind and to capture intention, capture the unseen. Every tick and swell on the face comes from our inner most thoughts and conveying that is important to portraiture. The mind and face aren’t friends in this.

The face shall betray the mind everytime.

this makes me think of masks, and identity and who we always try to be. traversing the internet can be like a giant masquerade party, you are never yourself but always alleging this abstraction of intention.

I read a phrase not to long ago, which has stuck to me for some reason.

“the body is an extrusion of the mind”

And i think that is quite telling of what the internet persona debacle is all about. all of these personas we inhabit are an extrusion of our intention and our requirement for acceptance.

thinking about all of this, i feel that looking at faces, is strong choice for this category because, it is so crucial to the foundation of presenting who we are. i shall explore this further.


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