First Prototype of head and masks

IMG_3086After my tutorials with Ingrid and Jon we discussed the prospect of making these heads, Ingrid was more interested in me doing full heads, and not half as it looks to mask like.

Jon seemed to think that the mask shape looked better, and I agreed. To settle what would have worked, I decided to 3D print some prototypes as that is what 3D printing works best for..prototyping

The first was a piece of Ambers head cut down to under her hair line, I extruded the face back and filled and smoothed it over. the print came out very clean and nice, though it was clear to see the clearance on the edges were to thin. and in clay that would work, as well as a general frame of the face wouldn’t work.

I printed some decimated masks, of Ambers face to check how they fit.


These decimations turned out nicely and related well to one another.



The edges of the faces plates needed to be cleaned with an abrasive and they didn’t fit properly as the centre of the face base didn’t fall deep enough.

So I printed another (which stopped half way) and tested a deeper tolerance.


Its clear to see how the framing has improved, and the face plate fits abit moreĀ snug. though minus the lack of finish on the bigger print, the general look of the new base piece isn’t very appealing.




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