Artist research for ways to display and form heads

Trying to figure out how i want these heads to be displayed is a bit of  a struggle. I’m trying to avoid making them look like masks. But the issue is if they become to ornamental they straddle the decorative and and functional fence.

I decided to look at other art of heads and see how they are displayed, and how they serve there purpose in the ways they are shaped and displayed.

The first artist that came to mind was H.R Giger, mainly because i recalled some of his art previously to have various heads in them. So in looking at his art, I was looking for what could appear sculptural or something that adopts the environment of the painting as if it were a sculptural/3d piece.

I found many pieces that actually were tribute pieces to Giger. Still usefull though

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Ex Machina faces were my favourite, though the issue with those heads in the faces point down, and that wont adjoin the bronze masks well. (as i may be having to leave that up to gravity)

The Female Biomechanoid Head by  Martino Catalano is interesting, its also ceramic, and free stands as an ornament. Seems to work quite well being elongated as it is, though that may make it kind of easy to knock over.


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