Glazing test tiles and Trying Lustre

Ive never really tried to glaze before, I am very new to it and I found the precision of all the measurements and the amount of ingredients a little intimidating.

Not to mention the different firing temperatures the correct types of clay, lustres etc etc.

I made some porcelain test tiles and cut up some earthen ware piece i had. Got them Biscuit fired and applied some glazes, I found In a glaze book. Mixing the glazes felt abit tedious, as i had to push everything through a fine siv to make sure they all properly mixed.

Once mixed I applied them to each piece, by dipping them all upside down onto a shallow bowl.


Here are what the glazed tiles looked like, The colours were not indicative of the final result.

They were all porcelain so i can high fire them at 1280 degrees in the test kiln. Getting used to using the kiln, was just a mater of setting hour timers on my phone and marching up and down the stairs all day not to bad.

IMG_3237Super happy with the results, I had turquoise which really applied itself to the faceted shape which was nice. and the glossy black which though applied a little thickly really worked nicely, i also did a dark “dusty” blue which when light hits it shows the blue. and lastly a simple transparent glaze all worked well and were great tests.

Next to be fired was the lustre pieces, this was earthen ware that has been glazed with transparent. and brushed with platinum and gold lustre.


and the results were not so good. I got preoccupied and didn’t pay attention to the kiln reaching temperature and i over fired the pieces.


The results, well, were petrol..and rather horrible brush marks, next time a soft brush shall be required.

these first attempts weren’t bad, and were important for me to get to grips with the process.


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