Professional Practice – Danny Choo

I wanted to say something about Danny Choo for a few reasons. He exemplifies that spirit of hard work and for me he has moved abroad and has started his own company that is two things that I would very much like to achieve.

His business of creating the dolls doesn’t interest me. But his model of creating a studio that makes these rather well made pieces that sell to a very specific niche is interesting.

And the fact he learned the language and moved abroad speaks alot of the possibilities of what you can do if you work hard. Danny Has written many blog posts on the topic.

He is currently working on a smartdoll, of which the making process is using some digital fabrication and casting which i have some experience in.

These processes are new for Danny so he is documenting all of them as he goes which is good because he also records his pitfalls as well as reviews the 3d printers and techniques he uses and learns with in his studio.

Say what you want about the dolls, But a market has been identified and research has been put into every aspect such as the look height, materials even the packaging. these are just crucial things to pay attention to as a maker and designer.

Danny Choo has a very unique employment style, i have checked his jobs page and he assigns tasks to complete, he seems to value ingenuity and creative initiative above experience by which he states in the tasks to please use “google sensei” to help.

This is so refreshing especially considering thats how i learn so much. and also a management style i want to pay attention to and learn from.


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