Making the moulds for the head shapes

11225712_10206586044111407_1865913275_nThe mould I created for this 3D print was supposed to be a test for how I could fit faceplates into the full head in clay. After a chat with Ingrid that evolved into using lustre in the centre shape to display a void.


11257642_10206586044391414_906649824_nI drew some pencil lines on the piece to work out the undercuts.

 I created the plaster mould sections for the cast, It got a little rushed as some of the pieces had to be moulded more than once. getting that inside circle to cast was a challenge! It kept breaking, so I rounded off the inside edge with some clay, That seemed to solve the issue.


The inside of the mould was proving it would display ALOT of fettle marks, simply putting the mould together to set up was a bit tricky.

This mould is rather poor, its not even on all sides, proving the slip wouldn’t dry equally, and is just not that neat..

should prove adequate for now though, because of its difficulty to make.


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