Casting The first head in clay

After fixing my scan and establishing the shape i wanted, It was time to 3D print my head in big. as big as i can, so i printed the head very large and once that was done i drew sections on it with a sharpie to establish the best way to cast it.11145975_10206345661982004_1359142931_n

I stuck clay in the sections of my head that had drastic under cuts, i was willing to compromise rather greatly to the cast finished. casting it thick and then sculpting it by hand afterward seemed like a good idea.11130603_10206345662182009_1967226410_n

Each piece of the mould was definitely its own challenge. I knew my head would be the hardest which is why i started with it, because i wanted it out of the way.

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A few of the parts of the mould failed and i had to recast them and reposition the clay. it took quite a while to complete.

IMG_3309In total the cast was 8 parts.

Once finished I put it in the drying rack for a few days, considering its size it needed a good few days.

I was now able to cast and test the mould. This was definitely abit tense considering how long the mould took to make. I used regular slip to start and as always the first mould is usually the worst and also going to clean out all the crap inside the plaster.

Good start.

Each part removed revealed a very solid cast.961500_10206345662942028_1269707190_n

Then finally!

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The cast was perfect, it required ALOT of fettling but it was pretty much what i expected.

After a few more casts the mould was cleaning up. So i focused on getting a moderately thick cast and began sculpting into the hair to bring back the undercuts.11096894_10206345742264011_1705803388_n

This was certainly pretty time consuming, but was worth it. it definitely improved the overall look and definition of the cast.

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The results after making a few..


They seem pretty good. Now to get them fired and glazed so i can gauge the shrinkage.


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