Casting the head shapes and refining the idea

The first few casts of the slip were poor they kept sinking in and they weren’t thick enough. The timing needed practice and work. The mould was also producing alot of fettle marks.11251590_10206586112593119_2011171706_n

I found the cast being produced wasn’t great and I was inclined to throw the mould and start again.

After drawing some fresh sketches I thought about what i could do with the mould, i did some research into what I was thinking about with these shapes i had drawn and found some interesting philosophies of the square peg in the round hole. That idea of individualities combined.

Every one can have there own unique shape and share those shapes with others, i feel like these shapes could represent bare, pure intention, trust, longing, caring, love. That yearning to be with others. which in the digital space that sort of mentality is certainly abundant.

So these sketches helped me formulate what shapes i was going to do, I also went beyond and thought of else i could do with this idea.

With these shapes in mind. I explained the concept to Ingrid in my formative assessment and she liked the idea. I even realised that I could recycle my current mould by just changing a single part of the mould.

I knew i still had the file from the 3d print so i knew if i tweaked the file i could 3d print all of the models and print them to the exact same size.

so thats what i did.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 21.24.04First order of business, Filling over that cylinder hole. But there is one VERY VERY important thing here, keeping the size of the original print EXACTLY the same.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 20.02.01Using Makerware to keep that scale and size the same, this is the original print file which i constantly used for reference.

Time to boolean the shapes out, this isn’t as simple as just popping in a shape, they all need to coordinate and meet so they can be correctly centred and fit into each other.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 21.34.28I did all the models in one file so i could make sure they all worked together.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 23.19.10I cut the backs of the heads out to save time in the printer.


So heres the first print, exactly the same size, a little dimples on the edging around the shape, but the can be fixed in clay.

Each shape fitted perfectly, I stuffed clay inside to make sure it didn’t move when i create the new plaster casts. 11125323_10206586112673121_1944314551_n

The chin sections, split, but its fixable with a little clay.


This is the section that will be recast each time, I smoothed around the edges and made it alittle bigger to make more room to accomodate all the shapes.


Heres the first one, Worked like a charm. Planned, executed and worked, just that simple for this part.

11256485_10206590079492289_2072228183_nHere are the others, they do look a little weird and rough around the edges, but they work and fit, thats the main thing.

First test for the casts.. works, sorted! time to make them all now. you can see all the fettle marks i had to work down, so theres is still work to do for these.


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