Professional Practice – Looking at a few studios

I just wanted to look at a few studios that interested me. Some thatI feel like i could work and actually benefit form working there. as well as genuinely contribute to the ethos of that work place.

Firstly I found a place called Propshop.

Prop Shop look interesting to me because of there digital fabrication methods, and use of 3d scanning and alot of the skills they exemplify seem to align with my own. It is on the outskirts of London which isn’t really where i would like to permanently reside but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be an interesting place to work. Considering I have worked as a scenic artist at Bay productions for a goof amount of time, This does fit me quite well i believe.


The second place i found was Adamas Studios.

Adamas are located in cardiff bay, and they create digitally fabricated jewellery, and use the lost wax casting process that i’m familiar with. They could be an interesting place to check out, although i’ve never designed jewellery before it would definitely expand my range and that could serve me well. They do seem to use techniques i utilise fairly often. Not for a second do i think i wouldn’t be able to do it. I just need to give it a shot!


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