Researching some exhibition spaces

I had a look to see what i could find for inspiration for an exhibition space. In thinking about the general style I am quite drawn to the metro design language used by microsoft, i would like to just subtlety emulate that maybe just through the basic layout of everything or even down to how i position the rendered photos of my work.

The metro design language.

i also found some examples of spaces which interested me.

this space is nice and simple i like the size of the statment on the wall next to the work. i could probably achieve this with a vinyl cutting machine for each letter. time consuming but it would look good.

This actually wouldn’t work very well for my work, because i think being at eye level is important for the head shapes at least. though that feeling over towing over ones work can create a level of insecurity in side the work perhaps.

very de stijl inspired. i like how everything works in relation to each other, but from a distance it holds up visually and has an inviting nature.

I think displaying the statement on the floor is super clever, or maybe even as a projection. except if it were a vinyl sticker, its likely to get walked on, and space is also important, if it were right in front of my work it would hinder people getting close to it, as they would be trying to read the statement.

I like the way Moto Waganari displays his work and his use of light. I could utilise this as there will be wireframes in my show. I also like the idea of putting your signature on the actual space which I may just completely steal!


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