designing my exhibition space

I have created some renders for my exhibition space. I wanted to keep everything fairly uniform, nothing fancy, just simple and orderly to make things clear to interpret and display. I wanted some inspiration to come from the metro look design language, for no simpler reason other than i rather enjoy it. this style works as a way to just make everything fit in service of each other, just like the basic premise of my ideas, with the faceplates.

There will also be renders of my work in print on the space as well, to help provide context and design coherence to my ideas. I need to include 4 plyths for the main heads i have created, and the 8 smaller heads with shapes on them. as well as a way to display the faceplates which will either be 15 or 24 in number depending on time. so a board will need to be designed for that. also consideration to my artist statement location as well as where and how business cards can be displayed.

i drew a couple thumbnails for ideas.

IMG_20150410_0002 IMG_20150410_0001

I thought about curving the space, felt like a bit of an undertaking. and i also started to think about how to display the faceplates. adding walls left and right provided this claustrophobic feel that doesn’t encapsulate the feeling i want when viewing my work.

I really wanted to keep the spirit of the metro feel, i find it to be just clean and it works. I drew something in autodesk sketchbook in basic block shapes with the metro style to help capture the feel.exhibition metro sketch

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 09.30.02

first idea i put shelves either side of the screen of faceplates, i didn’t like this as it broke up the work. and separated there elements. also the rendered image squares felt a bit small and dull.

exhibition render34343

exhibition rende66r

I like this design, Its simple and it ultimately works for giving everything its own space but also showing what is to be viewed together and also what is viewed individually.

exhibition render6

adding every STL file into a single space really made the render difficult to process.

exhibition render56

exhibition render11

These material renders in this monochrome style are probably going to make it into my final exhibition space.

exhibition render88

exhibition render222

exhibition render8877


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