Glazing The first head

The glazing is so important because It will determine the final size of the heads, once fired which will be at 1060 due to using just basic transparent glaze. its shrinkage will be finalised and i can at last measure the heads inner circle to calculate the final size of the faceplates.

Using he spray booth I sprayed the heads with 3 coats all the way round, I could only fire one as the test kiln was only bog enough for one, but thats all i need to get the dimensions down.


examining the fired piece i noticed one or two tiny cracks, they shouldn’t be to big of an issue though.


As i spun the wheel on the spray booth I evenly coated the piece.


I glazed both pieces even though one of them was a rather poor quality one, due to cracks.


Heres the immediate results. certainly cant complain about that!


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