Making all these Shape Heads

Right, Time to make a load of heads. I have all my plaster casted shapes, I have created a pretty cool, modular plaster cast on the fly, which i am very proud to have adapted.

Now is the time to talk what i want to expect from these casts, I want them to look as ambiguous and as anonymous as possible, no discernible race, gender no defining characteristics, like my original drawings. If i had thought of and started this idea sooner, the 3D model would have been redone from scratch, sadly time would not permit.


My first few casts, lots of fettling to do.

So I will just have to work into the clay head by hand.

My first attempt to work into the clay cast , I thought I could almost ‘shave the hair off.. nope! not happening, i thoroughly messed up this head.

So i am going to have to find a compromise here.


I had made one cast and thought it was a little off, it felt to top heavy, so i cut it down the middle to understand the thickness and timing, this was about 20 mins, and i changed it to 25 mins after this, this particular cast, is actually pretty even and not bad (bit late to realise that though).

These casts produced lots of fettle marks, and required alot of work,I worked into them all with a sharp blade and various wood tools. i removed a fairly sufficient amount of clay, and i had to fill the hole the pony tail created when cut off and the hole the pour spout left too.


After smoothing with an abrasive sponge, i didn’t get to deep on the smoothing because i intended to sand the bisque fired work. i waited for the pieces to dry and used a sharp blade to refine the inner shapes.


going very well so far.


I started to churn out heads at a good pace. It would take about 25 mins of time till i could pour the slip out the cast, adding a few mins each time due to saturation of the plaster mould. Then 2 hours of waiting for the cast to dry up, and then about an hour or 2 to work into the heads fettling and cleaning them.


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