Making and Sizing the faceplates for the head

Now that I have my first head cast, i can finally size up the faceplate 3d models to get the scale right.11146071_10206389622240983_29746953_n

With these base dimensions in mind i can work the model, of the faceplates. i still printed a few variations to find the best size.


All were about a millimetre apart in size.

These are how the various sizes fit on top, some completely didn’t work, I varied the thickness of some, I did have a winner though.IMG_3460

The way these colours contrast works so well.

so now i have the correct size, time to make more with the various decimations.

Heres the files being sized and made, making sure they fit well to the model first then working to the ceramic in maker ware to correct the size.


I went and printed the other faces, and all look very nice, there is an issue with the higher decimation pieces.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 21.11.41 They are so warped because of the lack of triangles they don’t fit great, I have a solution to try and fix this.

I re-meshed the backs by selecting just the backs so they have a different mesh to the fronts.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 02.16.51

I re printed them in wood filament. and hoped they were abit better.

You can see in the video the different fronts and the new backs, fingers crossed this works.

now that i have all 4 i can silicon mould them.

I rushed these, i wish i thought them through better, i should have thought, how am i going to pour, how will the wax fill every section, this wasn’t well prepared.


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