Getting everything glazed and fired

So after returning in easter, I had all my work made, and bisque fired, nothing cracked or got damaged. so that was very relieving, i didn’t put any air holes in my work which was something i forgot to do, but because everything dried slow and well in my room before it seemed to do no harm. IMG_3565

All happy, now to sand them all down, this was for sure going to be tedious but had to be done.

I had to play with various grit sand papers to get the smoothness right, and to make sure i got rid of any bumps.

Once all done, time for glazing, I glazed everything with transparent that fires at 1060, nice and simple, easy to make and apply.

I couldn’t fit everything in the kiln so i had to book a second top loader.

When they finished firing I got them from the kiln and I had a problem! they hadn’t fired properly, none of them. some of them didn’t even have glaze on them. I had no idea how, i thought i sprayed them well, apparently not.

You can see the shiny top and the completely bare bottom of the chin

You can see the shiny top and the completely bare bottom of the chin

So i had to mix a new glaze with some gum arabic to adhere it to the glossy areas of the heads, so i resprayed them all ALOT.

and re-fired them all with a 25 min soak for good measure.

Now came another problem, the second head of myself was too big.. somehow, it didn’t shrink the same as the first one i made.IMG_3606

here is the poor fit. luckily i had a solution. I did make another one but cast it aside because it had defects. I sort of in my desperation and hurry patched a hole in it with a piece of random clay i found, before it was bisqued. this left an odd mark on it, so i thought what if i sprayed and glazed it white?

IMG_3685The white is noticeable, but acceptable at this stage. all are now glazed perfectly! what a relief.


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