Artist Research

“There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”

― William Shakespeare

Unfinished sculptures

I like these digitally formed Michelangelo sculptures, they look like they have been carved out of a pixelized stone block, its a great contrast of material ideals and digital and real world concepts.

Another sculpture which is very similiar in concept to this is this pixelated statue of David.

Katsuyo Aoki

This really doesn’t have much todo with my current project, but they are just so beautiful, wonderful ceramic porcelain sculptures that are hand made. they remind of fractal art, with out the digital nature of them. very intricate and detailed pieces.

Do Ho Suh

Do HO Suh’s art isn’t digital, but it has this human quality to it i like and on top of that the faces wallpaper he made reminds me of my faceplates laid out. his art is like a celebration of humanity or being floored as humans, the emotional perseverance of people and integrity. i feel like he is looking down the same avenues of art with emotions such as myself. 


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