Creating the waxes and the tree

Now for the wax, I knew before starting that there would be an issue with the wax getting to every section, so I painted the wax into the edges so that they filled up correctly. IMG_3532This wasn’t a seemless process, i had plenty of failures. some would cast properly, some didn’t get the right finish.

I didn’t worry to much about smoothing the sides, because i knew i could file them and correct them once they were in bronze. i would’ve  liked to have made doubles of each but just didn’t have the time.

Now comes the trees,  made the wax cups and the stem first.IMG_3586Each piece was attached around the stem evenly spaced i struggled to make some of them stay on for a while, but i persevered and then they finally stayed.

IMG_3587I attached risers to them pieces and made them adhere as close as possible to the middle.

IMG_3589Putting it all together got a little messy at times, i dripped some wax onto the faces i shall have to fix those later.

Next came the dipping, a good few coats were required to build up the layers and thickness of the shell. It took about a week to get them all on. IMG_3730I had to file the cups down to expose the wax, with this filed down, once put in the kiln the middle will fall out and the wax will melt.

The wax falls from the inside of the kiln to a pool of water below, it is then scooped out and removed. The bronze is now ready to be poured.


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