How am I going to hang these faceplates!

One dilemma i’ve had for a while is.. how?! how am i going to hang these unusually shaped face plates. i thought at first i could put them into a wooden board with holes 90mm wide but that is so much faff for just wont even look that good. then i thought about nails. thats my contingency the reality is these need to float they need to look like they float. how how how??

I came up with a pretty interesting solution. glue! i drew up some ideas and i tested the idea out on friday. ive figured out the dimensions and hopfully should be a simple process.IMG_20150510_0001

I thought about using a glue gun and gluing an acrylic dowel into the back of the plates. to capture the shape of the noses. would you believe it works!

The face plates hold pretty well, i’m going to put some sticky clear pads inside, but i don’t see how it could get better than this if i’m honest. the glue is sort of clear so it works well with the transparent resin. i shall have to adapt it best i can.

I now need to draw up an idea for how i can create a board which can hold all of the pieces in one. Im going to try and get my hands on some acrylic board. if i cant wood painted white it is.

fingers crossed this is going to be a tight make.


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